Felicidad America

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Yulee B "Yuleisi" is a cuban born Swiss singer and songwriter born in 1980 in Santiago de Cuba. Her talent and passion was noted in early years by her parents and friends. Singing, Dancing and writing songs was always her dedication. She was only 10 years old when she started studying music in the school of arts in her hometown Santiago de Cuba.

In 1991 she participated in the first international festival of chorus. At the age of 18 she graduated as a classical singer from the School of Arts. In 1998 she was a member of the famous "Havana Night" Show and lead singer of various musical groups traveling to Europe frequently. Yulee B met the german producer Frank Farian in the Bahamas. Frank Farian recorded with her the song "Felicidad America" in 2009 distributed internationally by Sony Music BMG.

Also in 2009 she was the winner of a song contest organized in the Bahamas by Joe Jackson, father of Michael Jackson. Based on her talent and passion for music she has developed a unique contemporary style which is influenced by traditional cuban music.
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